Powder coating is a highly durable and decorative finish applied electorstatically to a long list of products found in the industrial and consumer fields. Powder coating may be formulated in a wide range of colors, glosses and textures. Powder coating are extremely durable, provide superior chemical and abrasion resistance, furnish excellent protection against UV rays and are environmentally friendly. Powder coating are traditionally used on metal products but with improved technology.

Particles of Pigment

The powder used for the process is the mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and reason, which is sprayed on a surface to be coated. The charge powder particles adhere to the electrically grounded surface which afterwards is fused by the process of heating it in a curing oven.

Metal or Glass Product

Powder Coating can be Apply on almost any Metal or Glass Product. Creative Tech Solutions offers a wide range of Color Shades in a variety of Gloss levels and surface finish (EX. TEXTURE, SEMI MATT, GLOSSY or may alternatively can be custom designed to exact finish, color or performance requirements.

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